South East Queensland Commercial and Residential Electricians and Solar Installations


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Modus Projects / Caltex Starmarts

Providing Electrical, Data and Mechanical Service and Maintenance to Caltex Starmart Sites across South East Qld and Northern NSW. Providing after hours response within a designated priority schedule to cater for clients emergency needs across a large spread area. 24 hour support …


Coastal Hydroponics

Installation of 250KVA Emergency Generator and Automatic Transfer Switch. Designing an Emergency Power Failure Back Up System and integrating it into the existing installation, taking into consideration load characteristics, maximum demand, supply authority issues and minimal downtime to ensure no …

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SOS Hospitality

This project was designed around feeding back into the grid at $0.50 Qld Solar bonus scheme, and reducing the payback period. On this job we had to make up a roof top structure to mount the 2 x 15KW 3 phrase …




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