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Solar Power Process For Your Home

Our 5 Step Process To Buying Residential Solar Power Products

A & K Lievesley Electrical and Solar use a simple 5 step process when helping people buy a Residential Solar System for their home. The process helps maximise solar power yields and financial returns.

Step 1: Identify what solar system is right for you.

To assess your individual situation, we do the following:

  • One of our accredited solar electrical staff will look over your current power bill and asses how much you are currently using and spending on electricity per quarter.
  • We will look at how many people live in your household and take note of any high power consumption devices you use; such as washers/dryers, sound systems, pool equipment, tv, fridges etc.
  • We will also assess your lifestyle power habits.

Step 2: Optimise your solar power system.

As each house is different, your roof will be measured to ensure that most effective roof space is utilized using specialized software. We use state of the art technology and software that can accurately evaluate the efficiency of a solar system at site inspection stage by assessing the effect of shading elements from nearby houses or trees to strategically position in the optimum solar position for you.

Our software then gives a report to clearly state how much solar your system will generate showing you clearly how you can achieve maximum performance.

No guesswork. No surprises - everything calculated, maximised and handled before a single panel is installed.

Step 3: Quote

Once we've assessed your requirements, we will give you a detailed quote that includes information on all discounts you are entitled to as well as all equipment and installations costs. You can be assured that your solar power equipment will be fully compliant with current Australian Standards. Everything is reported and quoted up front.

Step 4: Grid Connect Application Coordination

For your solar to be approved by Energex (or equivalent) a grid connect application will be submitted on your behalf. You will then receive an agreement in the mail that requires your signature. Once this agreement is signed and returned, you will then be ready to install a solar system.

Step 5: Booking your Solar Installation

Our administration staff will call to arrange a time that is suitable for your installation. Someone must be home in order to allow access into the roof cavity, to sign paper work and of course ensure your satisfaction with the installation.

We understand that you may be taking time out of your busy schedule to be home so we will do whatever it takes to ensure everything is ready for your solar power design and installation and completed in the most efficient time manner at a time to suit you.

Step 6: Solar Installation and Ready to GO!

Solar Installation

Government regulations state that all solar installations must be completed by qualified and accredited solar electricians, and your solar power design will be completed according to specific checklists that are supplied to installers.

First your cabling is wired through the roof, then the rails / frames will be set up where the Solar panels will then be mounted on top.

We will discuss with you the installation procedures and requirements and examine the most accessible position for your inverter to be installed so that you can monitor the production of power your system is generating.

Switching on your solar power

After your solar system installation is complete, it will be switched on briefly for testing purposes only and then left isolated when we leave.

Energex or an alternate meter provider will then arrive to install their new meter so the power can be monitored.

This technician will only complete their work if the switchboard is compliant to Australian Standards.

Our qualified staff will always inform you if any additional work is required and include this in our quotation.

Once approved it will then be the responsibility of the homeowner to switch on the system and start living a greener life.

To request an obligation free proposal for Solar Power For Your home, simply complete our Contact Us form.